About us

Intervlees imports and exports a wide range of meat with a perfect price/quality ratio. Our supplier markets are focused on South America and New Zealand, because we strongly believe not only in the superior quality of their meat, but we also see this as a strategic part of Europe’s meat consumption right now, and in the future.

Furthermore, we have been collaborating for many years with internationally qualified suppliers from countries renowned for their meat, such as Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, Brazil and New Zealand. We are specialised in chilled or frozen meat, grain fed or grass fed, beef or lamb. A powerful combination of knowledge, outstanding service, undeniable expertise and consistent high quality of meat has made us what we are today.

From our office in Brasschaat (Antwerp), Belgium, and of course from our cold store beside the Port of Rotterdam, we deliver every day to a variety of customers, markets and countries all around in Europe. We have a constant goods rotation of about 15.000 tn a year. That means more or less 300 tn arriving every week at Rotterdam’s port.

Our stock position guarantees the availability of any of our vast catalogue product, in any quantity, and also assures the best price / quality balance you can get as well as fast delivery of your goods and the best logistic options and services tailoring to our customer’s needs.

Together with our customers, we also pro-actively think about the best ways to achieve our common business purposes.

Whether you are in retail, meat supply, the food industry or a convenience store, remember,

Intervlees, all the meat you need.